Video Hosting for Online Courses

Keep your focus on your main business of educating people instead of struggling to manage videos & hosting. We will do that for you.

DynTube video channels can be used to create online courses simply & easily. You can simply share the links of created courses and students can watch them online. All you need to do is, uplooad your video files. Once all files are uploaded, a video channel can be created within a minute which will be ready to serve your students.

Using Channels for Video Courses

  • Authentication can be enabled to allow access to paid students only.
  • Courses can be divided into different sections.
  • Student access be time-based. e.g. students can only access a course for a month.
  • Course pages can have different layouts.
  • Videos can be added to a course manually or by automatic rules.

How courses will look like?

Here are some examples how your online courses can look like: